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Meet your Director

Debi Martin

I began my Mary Kay adventure in June of 2013. I have always preferred quality products from socially responsible companies, so Mary Kay was a perfect Fit. I began my journey just to save some money; Little did I know, that the starter kit would forever change my life and its trajectory forever. I have been blessed to serve as a Independent Sales Director for the last three years, as well as being blessed with a unit car and some incredible christian ladies that I get to call friends. God has called me to this position to guide and lead women to experience financial freedom, personal growth, a sisterhood and ultimately to save souls for Christ. I have experienced blessings beyond my wildest dreams, blessings that cannot be measured by worldly standards. Our unit is the Faith unit which stands for my motto "for all I do I will trust Him". I pray that we  will leave a legacy of christian women whose strength is in Christ.


Meet your National Director

Kristin Myerss

Independent Senior National Sales Director Kristin Myers learned the value of work ethic as she was raised on a fruit farm. “If there was a truck coming to pick-up a load of apples at 6 a.m., then we were all outside at 3 a.m. picking apples,” Kristin shares. “My childhood taught me that hard work is honorable and shows a person’s character and what they’re really made of.”

It was Kristin’s mother who introduced her to Mary Kay when she hosted a skin care class for a friend. Kristin loved the product and decided to start her Mary Kay business some time later so that she could earn some extra money to buy Christmas presents. She didn’t intend for her Mary Kay business to become her career as she was busy keeping up with her four children; Lucas, Marcus, Isabella and Thomas, however shortly after starting her business her car broke down. Kristin decided that with hard work and dedication she could earn the use of a Mary Kay career car.


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