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Inventory & Office

As National Sales Director Emeritus Dalene White has said so many times,
“You cannot open a store with a can of tomatoes and a five pound bag of sugar.”

Likewise, you are operating at a decided disadvantage when you do not have enough products in your Mary Kay store to service your customers. You are opening the doors to your store and letting customers in! Now let's make sure there's something for your customers to buy!  Based on your goals, you will each have a different sized store- we discuss this option at your orientation, but a good rule of thumb is that the size store you should have is based on what you would like to achieve.

Organizing your Inventory

My Customers App

The Mk My Customers App is free through your app store for iPhone and Android and it is an INCREDIBLE tool for keeping your customers organized, and decluttering your life!
Download the app and follow along as you watch this short and sweet introduction video!

Organizing your Office

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