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You may be thinking to yourself... maybe I should do this. Do you have butterflies in your stomach are you excited and scared all at the same time? I am here to tell you that is normal. I  have assembled a cast of videos for you to watch below that may help you or make your decision that much harder :) I have included a survey that I would love for you to fill out so that I may contact you. I cant wait to see your face!

Jordan Twilly

A Family Girl’s Story

Kathy Helou

Leah Lauchan

Jamie Taylor

College Student to Business Owner

Dacia Weigandtr

Magic Area


The Starter Kit


Choose training tailored to you!

Whether your schedule  is 100% full, or you are looking for new ways to get out of the house and meet people that inspire you, there is training available, and your director is here to  support you as you find the perfect balance for your life, and goals!


Choose how you want to make money!

The cost of starting a Mary Kay business is $100 and this includes everything that you need to demonstrate the product and get your business started!​

Using your $100 Starter Kit, here are 5 ways that you can make money as an Independent Beauty Consultant:


Selling the product: We sell our products for twice as much as we buy them for, for a total profit of 50% of the sale

  • In person: Host a party or meet one-on-one to share and sell products

  • Online: Customers can order products on your beautiful company provided website 

  • Reorders. Our product is consumable like bread and milk and customers order more when they run out



  • If you cannot hold an appointment that you have scheduled, you may call another consultant to hold that appointment for you. She will hold the appointment and pay you 15% of the sales from the class!


Sharing the Opportunity.

  • When you share the Opportunity with someone who becomes a consultant, Mary Kay pays you a commission every time they order. This is paid directly from Mary Kay's profits and never from your team member's pocket.


Career Car.

  • As a Consultant you may can earn the use of a Chevy Malibu, or a cash compensation of up to $425 per month.

  • In a leadership position there are additional Career Cars which may be earned, including the coveted Pink Cadillac!


Promote yourself to a Leadership Position.

  • If you promote yourself into the position of Sales Director then you will earn additional commissions based on the production of your unit.​


There are so many different ways to earn an income through this business, and the great news is you can pick and choose which ones are right for you!

Please take a minute to answer a quick survey


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